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My Story

To start off, I have 2 grown boys and a daughter in law. I can't forget my golden retriever Bentley. I have 2 grand dogs, Koga & Molly and a grand cat, Doug!  They are part of our little family! I grew up in Lyman/Duncan and have always had my salon here as well. 

10 months after my oldest son was born I started in the salon world and never looked back!

I actually find it hard to believe that I have been doing hair professionally for over three decades. I have always been a natural entrepreneur. I owned my first salon when I was 22 years old and derive great satisfaction from running a successful business. I have worked hard to master my craft and technique and to stay current on beauty and style. I think of what I do as an art, and I believe that to be really good at it—to be the artist I strive to be—I have to be stimulated spiritually, visually, emotionally, creatively—even musically. When it comes to working with clients, I have always believed that you can be technically the best haircutter in the world but if you don’t really connect with the person you are working on—really look into her face and get to know who she is— your technique is worthless. Putting the right cut with that face, that person—it’s magic. I look at the person sitting in my chair, her face, hair type, what she’s wearing and how she presents herself to me—and then we work together to choose exactly the right look. There is nothing I love more than making a client see her own beauty in a new light. Running a close second to that is watching the stylists on my staff engage with and satisfy their clients in the same way.

I do my best to keep everything simple at Jennifer On Mane, and I find that my clients stick with me for years, appreciative of the perfectionism that I put into everything I do—from the ever changing decor’ in my shop to the highly professional stylists at my chairs, to the subtlety of my cutting and coloring technique.

I am aware that people patronize a beauty salon for the overall experience, not just the haircut, so I have worked hard to make Jennifer On Mane a beautiful, open, comforting, light-filled space where a lot of creativity happens. I am extremely proud of my trained staff, each one gifted and a pleasure to work with. We are all here to welcome and be of service to our clients, and send them out into the world radiant and confident.

Humbly, gratefully, and with high aspirations, I look forward to seeing you at Jennifer On Mane

Jennifer Grimes

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