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"I love when my clients come in and tell me that the cut has been life changing to them. I know the struggles that having curly hair can hold. I am dedicated to teaching my clients how to love and embrace their natural texture."

--Angela Wallace

Questions for Angela? Send her an email by clicking the link below.

With a fiery passion and curls of her own, Angela knew that when she became a licensed stylist that curls would be a main focus in her career. Angela has been Deva certified since 2012. She obtained her certification from a trained educator at the DevaChan salon in NYC. Angela is equipped to cut, color style & educate on all types of textures of curl. She loves to help her clients understand their texture while gaining the most of their curl. The full on Deva Curl experience cut takes 2 hours of your time and not only gain a cut that is tailored to your own natural curl and texture but you will also learn how to gain and keep enough moisture and definition, styling methods and techniques and some product knowledge leaving you more confident than when you walked in.

With the Deva curl inspired dry cut is just a quick and simple cut tailored to your natural curl. There is no styling or education involved. 

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